Conquer Autism Disorder in early age

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Anton Stumer Junior Open Water Scuba Diver age 10

The conquer of curing disorders in early ages.

I am one of the proudest mothers of the world with how my son has developed.
My son has been diagnosed with a high spectrum of autism disorder.
In the past three years, my son got challenged with Father dying on cancer because of the disorder is different, he has high social intelligence. He is too honest, knowing people with who they are, makes him hard to adapt with peers and adults.
My son has problems focusing in school, writing and finishing tasks, even riding a bike not to crash into the next tree, focusing ahead. He wasn’t able aware of the danger surrounding him, like cars etc.
Daily Crossing the road I had to hold his hand for safety reasons, if I didn’t hold his hand, just standing next to me, he would even be aware of me moving over the road, basically just following me is a hassle in the shopping centre.
He just reminds me of a lost duckling in the back of mums cue, not able staying in a group, gets lost all the time and puts himself in danger.
Most Autistic children feel safer underwater, it calms them.
Because of my daughter’s wishes Two years ago I started scuba for kids.
My son is absolutely the underwater scuba pro, from smiling diving past me with a flooded scuba mask and clearing the mask as it would be nothing.

His first danger awareness was Two years ago, with his first dives in the pool.

My pool cleaner has been driving behind me and my students, he reacted in an instant, in the first time Anton realised the danger, he was warning me looking ahead not crashing into the pool cleaner with my scuba tank.
I realised out of first hand, that underwater he is more aware of his surroundings than above.
The next two years I have been on and off diving with him in the pool and just recently achieved his PAPI Junior Open Water Diver. He is the youngest license diver with an age of ten!!
A couple of weeks ago at the shopping centre car park, I walked with my son along to cross the road. I haven’t seen the car coming, and it was my son holding me back to tell me to ,, -watch out for that car’’ mum !
I can see a highly link improvements through scuba, that somehow the child’s brain has developed a link awareness from underwater to above.
This achievement has a bright future for my son. Being to recognise safety and awareness around him, I see no doubt anymore, that he is able to learn to drive a car when he meets the legal age.
Unfortunately, NDIS doesn’t support spectrum high autism order in children. It’s hard for a mother to get the right support with children they are high functioning.
It’s is in my belief it takes a whole town to raise a child, we need to support each other to give our children the best development they need able to conquer life.
My business passion is to give all children the best head start in life. As I do it for mine, I can tell you I do this out of the passion of
Love to improve life, not for making a high income.
I am soo happy I invested in Scuba for kids, it gave my son a brighter future.

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